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Faiyaz Khan


“Before training with Kimana, my goal was to lose weight and be healthy. I worked out a little bit, but I didn’t really pay attention to my nutrition. The ways that I’ve tried in the past to help me lose weight didn’t work. But one day

I saw Kimana on the Kevin Crown morning show on Instagram, and I liked the information that he shared!!

My favorite part of training with Kimana is that he makes everything straightforward, he supported me, and made everything easy to understand. Not only that, but I like that he was available if I needed any information or needed to talk.

The only thing that I can think about that could’ve been better was logging my nutrition in the training app; that part of the app didn’t always work, but

When training with Kimana, I was able to lose weight and regain motivation to train.

If someone told me they were thinking about training with Kimana, I’d say go for it because he’s patient and supportive; and we all need that.”


“Before training with Kimana, my goal was weight-loss.

Before training with Kimana, I wasn’t even sure which workouts I had to do to lose weight, especially because I tore my ACL; so as you could imagine, I didn’t have any success prior to working with Kimana, but what convinced me to work with him were his facebook posts on nutrition

Everything that he did with me on the program was great. I can’t think of any shortcomings except that I could’ve been more focused and put in more effort; but even so

I was able to lose 8lbs in 2 months, even with an injured ACL!

So if someone was thinking about working with Kimana, I would definitely recommend his services!”

Arlene Springer

“So before training with Kimana, I wanted to get a better understanding of which foods I should consume. Now before training with him, I did my own research, and I got great results with it, but since Kimana was recommended by a friend, I chose to work him.

My favorite part about working with Kimana was picking his brain, so after working with him

I was able to get a better understanding of my body and feel great doing it, too.

So if someone wanted to work with Kimana, I would highly recommend him.”

Andy Mejia

Age: 29

Occupation: Manager

“Before I asked Kimana to write a 4-week program for me, my goal was to lose weight. To get that weight-loss, I just trained.

But I wanted Kimana to write a 4-week program for me because I wanted a boost, so after doing the customized 4-week training program that he built for me,

My legs became stronger and I lost some fat.

I would tell people that Kimana is great at creating workouts tailored to your goals.”

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