How You Will Benefit from APIPMartialArts

You’ll learn how to minimize the common injuries in martial arts, especially for kicking: hamstring and knee injuries. Have you ever injured any of these areas? Do you know a fellow martial artist who has injured any of these areas? I bet you do. Consuming the information on this webiste will arm you with the knowledge to make your body more injury-resistant.

You’ll have longevity in your martial art because you were able to avoid the common pitfalls of traditional martial art practice and instruction. You’ll benefit from the information I gathered in University for exercise science, and the advanced certifications I’ve received for sports performance enhancement and corrective exercise.

You’ll be able to jump higher, kick higher, split lower, and do so pain-free because you’ve become a regular consumer of this information.

What Inspired Me to Follow Fitness as a Career Path?

My entry into the fitness field derived from realizing physical changes and improvements in my abilities from mindful training. I started Taekwondo at 11 years old, and competed for two years. I stopped taekwondo between 14 and 15 years old. At that time, I joined the track team in Midwood High School, where I enjoyed running 800m – 1600m races, and 1.5 – 3.1 miles in cross country events.

Post-graduation, I was no longer a competitive athlete, but discovered enjoyment in lifting weights. The constant, visible bodily improvements motivated me to continue lifting. Not only that, but I realized that I didn’t mind buying books on advanced exercise science concepts. So, if I didn’t need to be forced to learn about gaining flexibility, strength, etc., then why not go to school for it to become an expert?

How Has Fitness Helped In My Personal Development?

Fitness has developed patience, a willingness to accept tough challenges, and resilience. I’ve set lofty goals for myself, and they weren’t/aren’t achievable in a few days, weeks, or even a few months. This process has taught me to be patient, and enjoy the process instead of just focusing on the outcome goals.

The resilience makes itself apparent when I overcome negative thoughts of quitting, because everyday I’m faced with the difficulty of achieving my goals. Fitness made me prouder of my abilities, therefore increasing my self-esteem, self-efficacy, self-image, and body competence.

Weird, but true story: I remember I used to be displeased with my body and abilities as a child and adolescent. At one point, I would’ve rather been a cheetah instead of a human, because cheetahs were cool lol. They could run 90mph, and then there was me: skinny, weak, long, without any specialized abilities.Training changed that.

With time, knowledge, and smart, hard work, I am developing a physique and repertoire of abilities of which I am proud. Training allowed me to jump higher; kick higher; lower my splits; strike harder; strike faster; and outwork most opponents with less effort.

Why Am I Passionate About Serving Others?

I became passionate about helping others because I empathize and sympathize. I empathize because I was never always satisfied with my abilities and physical appearance. I used to be long, thin, and I didn’t possess any skills. Being hindered from enjoying kicking and lifting weights due to injury also enables my empathy for others, for when others experience the same thing, I FEEL for them.

I don’t like to see someone sidelined from their favorite activities because of injury. Then there’s the sympathy. I have been lucky enough not to experience life-changing injuries, so when I see people who must live the rest of their lives in wheelchairs, or are bed-ridden, I sympathize with more gratefulness for being able to move freely.

What Struggles Have I Overcome To Get To This Point?

I have overcome difficult college and university semesters, challenging, advanced certifications, 12 injuries (not accounting for injuries that occurred multiple times at the same site), and the ambivalence on what to do with my life. At one point, I was in the law enforcement selection process. That process was tedious. The results did not favor my wishes for that time.

I’m glad things didn’t work out, for I would not be where I am today. Besides the aforementioned, self-doubt remains a struggle that exits and reenters my mind sometimes. Why? I think humility remains the prime contributor to that. No matter how adept I become at something (whether that’s taekwondo, coaching, etc.), I know the capacity to improve exists.

I’ll never feel like I can do enough, or that I know enough; it keeps me humble and hungry.

What Life Experiences or Events Have Prepared Me For My Current Position?

I would not be where I am now without:

  1. My nostalgic return to Taekwondo at 25 years old, culminating in four consecutive years as an instructor (as of December 15, 2019).
  2. The mental and emotional distraught of injuries limiting my participation in beloved activities.
  3. Self-satisfaction from consistently seeing results from mindful training, planning and dedicated learning.
  4. A hunger for knowledge, deepening my understanding on training and nutrition to be the best version of myself; and using this knowledge and experience to help others to reach the best version of themselves.
  5. Continuing my education to stay recent with nutritional science, exercise science, and injury prevention. This way I can remain competent with coaching people (including myself) to lose weight, gain muscular strength, flexibility, mobility, while minimizing and circumventing injury.

Would you like me to guide you towards becoming a more fit, injury-resistant martial artist? Would you like me to assist you in using nutrition and smart exercise strategies to get you to the top of your abilities, and keep you there? Would you like to do anything representative of the pictures above this section? Would you like to do better than the pictures on this page?!?!

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